Page 85, guys. Sheesh! I’ve not yet fallen off the bandwagon. My significant other seems to be doing fine enough for someone healing from a broken pelvis, and I just gotta keep working. We don’t have a lot of funds right now, so if you were ever gonna patron me, now would be the time! But it’s okay if you don’t–just pass the comic around to all your friends, please!

Speak of patrons, 2 people went up to the $30 mark so expect some of the new characters to resemble some people. Oh myyyyyyyy

Thank you, Paul and Rae!


I lost how to put things in the right chapter.

My SEO thing tells me I should talk more, but I’m terrible at talking. I love my Vritra a great deal, but I’m honestly more emotionally in sync with Dannren or Miller. Really paranoid and very cautious, and maybe a bit mean.

(EDIT: I figured out why I couldn’t find things. I was apparently not posting a webcomic. I am a dumbass)

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