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“Valhalla is a haven for monsters. Nobody deserves to be here, least of all a child.”

– Eliza Smirnov


Up to 20 questions sent get answered without art. 

Did Ashley ever have a crush on anyone?

Ashley has never gotten close enough to anyone to have a crush on them. They tended to get picked on, and their father was overprotective, so they rarely even left the home.

What was Ashley’s mom like?

Ashlynn was a savvy businesswoman who sometimes was a bit bossy. She had never wanted kids, but had given in when Daiki had begged her and decided to give the idea a shot because he wanted to be a father so badly.

How did Molly and Vernal meet?

When Molly first arrived in Valhalla, she was hormonal and angry and kept getting into fights with Devon (War). She blamed him for what had happened, because Devon was a big name general in the world war. Vernal took interest in her and her birthing process–first just intellectually, since it was rare to have someone Catalyze WHILE pregnant, but Vernal had also experienced loss recently and was not as dead to it as other Omega, so he possessed what most others didn’t: Sympathy.

What adorable things did Vernal do with Vritra growing up?

Vernal wasn’t used to children. Being from the cataclysm before Molly’s, he hadn’t witnessed any births that weren’t like his own people–and his people were born fully grown and had genetic memory. For this reason, Vernal found Vritra fascinating, and Molly spent a lot of time coaching him.

He had a tendency to believe she was capable of doing things she wasn’t supposed to do, though–like playing with knives and the like.

Vernal isn’t Vritra’s real dad… right?

Vritra’s real father is Jeremy Victor Tarrence (Tressler). He was a human who died ¬†during the cataclysm, that Molly was trying desperately to cure from a genetic degeneration.

How hard is it for Miller to not punch Danren in the nose?

I imagine fairly difficult, but she’s more dismissive and distrusting of him than angry with him, usually. The difference is that Dannren is the only one who legitimately disagrees with everyone here, so Miller naturally views him as a threat.

Does Isaiah like jewelry?

Well, Isaiah [Redacted for Spoilers].

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