Not only have we reached 100 dollars per month on the , I’m having a raffle. Here’s what happens when we reach the first goal!

1) A single page comic will be released each month to patrons only. These pages will get released separately 3 months late to other people, but they will be late. These comics may be directly related to the story at hand, explain something I sort of glossed over in the story, or may just be silly comics I drew for funzies.

2) A raffle, a raffle!

Patrons who sign up before the first of the month are entered in a raffle, which will be drawn from after the payments go through. According to how much you are giving me a month, you will get more entries. What do the entries win?

A free sketch by yours truly, so that’s pretty cool.

$1-5 patrons will be entered once

$6-10 patrons will be entered twice

$11-20 patrons will get 3 entrees

$21-30 will get 4, and so on. If we get some higher patrons, they’ll get one more entry for every 10 dollar hike.

So thank you guys for being a part of this.

Our next goal is 500 dollars a month, and when we hit there, we’ll start releasing digital books with fun extras in them. Shiney.