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Art of Sethron Bowman

It’s a pleasure to see you here! I am Seth, the Void Dragon, and I draw art for a living. Or, well, for a hobby. I don’t make enough to call it a living, per se, but I make enough to buy the occasional nice meal~

Please take some time, look around, and enjoy what I have to offer. You’ll find lots of different styles and various levels of NSFW and SFW stuff here, so be careful.

This site was previously, before I stopped working on that webcomic.


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The Key to Art is Love

I draw for fun. Generally I draw characters or story art that I’ve co-written with others. Almost every piece of art I’ve done that isn’t a commission is a picture of a character I made up, or someone in a roleplay made up with me.

The Style is a Lie

I do a lot of style changing. If I’m drawing something for a new game or story, I tend to associate different styles to it. Some styles I have down better than others, and sometimes I like messier stuff. You can never know.

The Most Taboo of Shit

Artistically, I spend a lot of time drawing stuff that is NSFW, and some of that stuff is pretty weird. I have some pretty hardcore interests in the NSFW sections, so be careful browsing in there. There are halflings and beasts and monsters, size difference and sadism. I have drawn a lot of weird stuff, is what I’m saying, and I enjoy it. Take care of yourself and don’t go where you won’t enjoy.

You have Coin? Seth has Wares

For those of you who just want to support me, there’s a patreon for that. For most of you, though, if you want to buy something from me, you want something specific. That can be found in my commissions section. Filling out the form and submitting it will allow me to get back to you in a timely fashion, and I do love eating, so I won’t refuse commissions unless I’m in a real pinch emotionally.


Recent Work

A lot of my most recent things have been requests from my Patrons or commissions from a LARP I work on.

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