Page 41 of 4’s a crowd is live and look at him just move all over the place. Fuck him. Fuck him for moving all over the place.

For the record, if you sign up at http://patreon.com/sethron as a patron this month, come January there’s going to be a raffle for a free sketch from me. Go forth and sign up if you want to be part of that raffle! And by sign up, I mean patron me.

Anyone who is patron up to $5 will get one entry, 10 will get 2, 20 will get 3, 30 will get 4. There’ll be a drawing and you might win.

They go up by an entry every 10 dollars higher, as well, so if you end up being a 50 dollar patron, that is 6 entries.

Yeah. Go for it.

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