Hello, guys, and thank you for being patient on my two week hiatus!

My moving this month set me back rather thoroughly and buried me alive, plus I’m looking at having to get a job, because my bills have jumped substantially and unexpectedly. u_u

This is our 60th page of 4sacrowd! Isn’t that pretty spectacular? I’ve never stuck with a project this long, and it’s all thanks to you, my patrons and viewers! That’s super cool. Now, if you only commented more so I knew you existed. Hahahaha. One day, I will have people who camp for pages. It’s a goal!

That day will be a day after I do some serious campaigning and spreading my comic around, though. Maybe make friends with some really big youtube people or something. I was going to get Google Adsense, but it said I didn’t have enough words on my website. How sad is that? I’m not long winded enough.

I am now paying mortgage instead of rent, though, and no more landlords or landladies for Seth for the rest of her life. Yes.

Anyway! Here’s the 4th chapter. Meet Death.

If you think that was a spoiler, you were not paying attention.

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