It’s getting pretty hard for me to keep doing this with the lack of any feedback on anything. I mean, even a “Yay! New Page” to know that someone’s out there is helpful.

I learned a lot of new things about Manga Studio 5 tonight, which meant this page came out like 3 hours later than expected, but maybe it will speed up other production pages. Whether it does or not, it will certainly make the product better now that I can do speed lines and stuff, which is nice.

I feel like some time to get to know Manga Studio 5 would do me some good, but it’s a daunting process and there aren’t a lot of free tools out there for it, so I’m hesitant.

Anyway. Page 68. That’s.. impressive, actually. I’ve never done this much, ever, on a single project that nobody else was helping me with. Actually, I’ve never really gotten this far on things others were helping me with, anyway.

Ashley and Dannren both are so much action, and I hate it. On the other hand, I kinda love this page.

Ashley looks really good in it.

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