Hiya guys! I know I went black for a month or so. My deepest apologies. I’m getting back on track. A lot of things were happening and I got locked up. ¬†Emotionally.

I’m gonna change how releases happen just slightly. They’ll still happen on Wednesdays, but the last Wednesday of each month is gonna have an ‘ask me anything’ comic, wherein I answer one of your questions with drawings–you can ask any of the characters anything you want! This helps me have some audience participation, because honestly, it’s hard for me to tell if there’s anyone out there or if I’m just drawing for the abyss. I’ll put the call for questions up everywhere I’m at–twitter, tumblr, here, but basically, if you get me a question, you might get answered at the last weekend of the month.

Yay. Hopefully this works on keeping me on the ball. If my patrons go up, I’ll just add it in–like I’m adding in sketch batches, which I’m gonna release every month on my patreon. Just random sketches that I’ve done in a zip file. Hearts and love!

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Chapter 6 - Challenger

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