This is the first in a small stack of buffer pages I’ll be doing that release early on my Patreon. The hope is that the Patrons I have will be about 4 – 5 pages ahead at any given time, although it might jump a bit further, even. This benefits me in that if I have a bad weekend, I’ll be safely buffered from slowing down production!

So, I’m going to have a new button on my sidebar that says “Submit a Question for the Month” which allows you to email me. One or more questions each month will be answered and at the end of the month, the update will be the drawn answers. Ask any of the characters something, ask ME something, ask other characters I might have something. It will be available and done in color most of the time. It also helps me, because it has an element of audience participation, which assures me that you are out there! So do me a favor and submit questions, guys!

Click here or on the sidebar link forĀ full instructions and understanding of how the game works!

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Chapter 7 - It Begins

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