A Storm of Compliments

Everyone knows that Chantelle is wonderful, and that she’s been a pillar of our community for ages. It’s small wonder why we’d want to do a tribute to her.

Happy birthday!

You rock those curls, girl!

Among the most beautiful women I know, I am proud to count her as one of my close friends.

Seth Bowman


Chantelle is not only awesome to behold, she is polite, calm, and rational--all while being exceptionally competent in a way few people are.

endlessly kind, beautifully capable, and fantastically charismatic


Well well well! If it isn’t the very best birthday girl! I think I will forever appreciate how much you have elevated the LARPs in your area. Thank you for your infinite effort and brobdingnagian creativity. πŸ™‚

Sean Diaz-Lapham

Chantelle is a sexy cool badass, through and through!

Phia Sinclair

Chantelle is one of the most amazing people I know, and she always makes things better just by being there! She's a wonderful person to begin with, but she's also a fantastic mom, and one of the truly best people you can meet. If you have the honor of calling her friend, you are truly a blessed individual.


Dude, you have like, just the single most glorious and mysterious voice I know.

I have somehow slipped into the novel about your life and I'm honored to witness your fabulous self. Happy Birthday.

Chantelle is one of the most warm and caring people I've ever met. She has the knack for making people feel like they are the center of the universe.


Your hair is so pretty!

Mystical, wonderous, benevolent, lighthouse is the dark. A force to be reckoned with. An inspiration to many. Chantelle is a unique soul among many and I feel fortunate to know her.

Jessica Sills

How do you keep everything together so much? You're amazing!

The amount of times I've felt like I was in the presence of some fae being, and then realized it was Chantelle, are beyond count. You clearly are the daughter of magnificient and ancient beings whose power flows through you. That or you slayed some ancient being and by right of caste claimed their power. Either way I am ever in awe of you.

You said to me once that you didn't think you were deserving of my friendship, that you didn't do enough. But I cannot count the times you've come through for me, in ways you probably don't even think of, because you give yourself too little credit

Your smile is infectious, and your love inspiring

Given the option between being your friend or being a billionaire, I'd choose you--but only by a slight margin because I think I might be able to buy your friendship back with a few million dollars? I hope this is funny and not insulting oh boy

Anxiety Demon

Cabrini Morris


I find you delightful!
Smart and kind
Lovely and fun.

And ooh that hair doesn’t hurt one bit!

Happy birthday fabulous rockstar!

As beautiful as she is dangerous.

She’s a jolly good fellow, so say us of owl

Always thinks of others but in a mostly calculating way but that’s a good thing in this context.

A threat to all rodents within gliding distance.


Has a basically limitless pile of spoons. May have made a deal with the devil. 10/10 would scheme with again.


Chantelle, you are such a wonderful
light of love, care, and creativity in this
community. I cannot count the number of times you’ve made a moment brighter for everyone around you. The grace with which you handle tough situations is something that I’ve looked up to since I first met you, and your advice and thoughts are so incredibly valuable to me.

I hope you have the most amazing
birthday, full of love
and laughter!

Chantelle is one of the coolest people I know. She gives off this vibe that makes me want to hang out with her so I can try to impress her. She’s so good at so many things but spends most of her time trying to make other people happy. She is wise and generous and very kind.

Nicole Porter

Chantelle has this amazing gift, that makes it so there are no meaningless conversations with her. Every single one is magical. Every single one she makes you feel important. Its a super power that she carries into all aspects of her life. It makes her a good friend, a good boss and an excellent mother. I feel blessed that she has invited me into her life.

Syn Fryer

You have the kindest soul of anyone I’ve ever met.

Andrew West

You spark the fire.

People have so much creativity and energy and love that they want to put into a project or community but most of us just sit on that potential without the bravery or purpose to take action. But you light everyone up around you and get people excited to build until it turns into something beautiful.

You spark the fire.

Brendan Keating

You are nothing short of a powerhouse in our community. It takes a unique and rarified talent to make a business specifically aimed at addressing a major lack in our community. You’re an amazing chef, roleplay partner, mom, warrior, and friend. I still fondly remember coming over to the West Seattle house for the first time. You’ve been a positive, inspirational force in my life, and I appreciate you enormously πŸ™‚

Were you a little late to participate?

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  1. Seth

    Thank you for donating your time, money, and considerable skills to building and maintaining a LARP site that would be welcoming to the community

  2. The Rising Tyde

    What gifts can I bestow upon a glorious summer queen that she has not already possessed and left behind? The trees bow and weep for autumn in her presence

  3. David Paul

    Always a little late to the party, but no less enthusiastic! Chantelle you are a magical combination of creativity, empathy, intelligence, reason, beauty, charm, determination, and sensabile realisim. All of the best qualities of a leader, a mother, a friend, and a force of nature! You enrich the lives of everyone around you and make all of us richer for having known you. Your smiles come easy and light up a room like a bonfire.

  4. Paul Cleveland

    You are so talented, creative, loving. I find you incredibly inspiring, and seeing your successes makes me want to try harder in my own projects. Thank you for being a part of my life, and let’s get coffee soon.

  5. The Latecomer

    You possess a compelling surety in managing groups of humans that leaves people feeling heard, comforted, and at ease.


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