Welcome to Mune’s Mischief Designs

Where we make your dream home a reality~

Available on: Behemoth, Exodus, Leviathan, Ultros (Mune Eryut), Excalibur (Vjkta Arda)

For 5 million gil surcharge for needing to run a character to level 15, I will establish my practice on any of the Primal servers.

I’m a newer player to Final Fantasy XIV, but the one thing I truly enjoy about the game is the house design. I am constantly learning new tricks and I’m happy to tackle any design given to me. Since I have gotten quite a bit of practice recently, I’ve slightly increased my costs, though they are still well underneath others.

I charge a flat rate per room, and then an expense fee for the items I must acquire for your design. You may set your limit for this expense fee, but in general I recommend 5 million gil for a full small house if you have little to nothing already established.

Message me at Sethron#7350


Ren Koto's Personal Estate

Ren Koto's Personal Home

A new look for a new gal; looking for modern and feminine

Chocobo House Free Company

Chocobo House Cafe & Lounge

A free company cafe and lounge for their group members and guests

Onigiri's Private Home

Onigiri's Private Sushi Home

A home for Onigiri that was styled around their name

Yui Yu's Personal House in Mist

Yui Yu's Personal Beach Home

A Mist Home for Yui Yu that she said wanted to look like a beach house

Atlas Stardia's House in Mist

Atlast Stardia's Personal Lala Home

My first Lalafel home, and the one that taught me that lalafel homes cost more because they are more work.

Wraith's Den Free Company House in Shirogane

Wraith's Den House in Shirogane

A house designed by myself for the Free Company Wraith's Den

Legacy of Light House in Shirogane

Legacy of Light House in Shirogane

A house designed by myself and my friends; our house on Ultros