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"Free, Earthling, Starborn" - Tags to find images from each tier
"Uncolored, shaded, color" - Tags to find the color status
"Sfw, Nsfw" - Not porn or porn
"sketch, dedicated, goal, commission, gotm" - Sketchdump, dedicated art piece, goal piece, commission or genre of the month
"Name" - any name of the character should bring up related art.

Remember that searching from the free gallery will only give you free results. Searching from the Earthling gallery will give you free/earthling results, and searching from starborn will search the whole gallery.

  • Welcome

    This page is for all things of art related to Seth. Commissions, comics, other such nonsense. The main attraction is the comic 4’s a Crowd, but come for that, stay for the NSFW art on the patreon.