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To stop moving is to die, and we cannot afford to die. 

Hey! I’m Sethron!

I’m a multi-talented artist who has been at this for about 20 years, give or take. I’m genderfluid, bisexual, and extremely socially involved. I’m a raging feminist, a sex-positive and body positive obsessor, and functionally I believe that nothing is taboo between two consenting adults as far as fantasies go.

I enjoy drawing porn, and you’ll find I cover a wide range of subjects, from size-difference to bestiality. In theory, I’ll draw just about anything you pay me enough for. I think art is a safe space for the wickedest of thoughts to be exercised and put aside, so we can appease our darkness without harming others.

I did mention multi-talented. I also do Web Design and basic coding.  I’ve helped design a few apps professionally and I’ve put together websites, as well. My home, though, is art, and I always return to it.


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Recent Work

A lot of my most recent things have been requests from my Patrons or commissions from a LARP I work on.


My Story and Skills

It all began one day pausing Dragon Ball Z and tracing Vegeta laughing, and from there I started to do art of all the shows I loved. It was a way to build self-esteem and to prove I had worth, and like most of my skills, it comes with a lot of ripping things apart and putting them back together in order to understand them–like a homeless inventor with obvious signs of explosion all over their face

  • Logo Design
  • Complex Illustrations
  • Web Development
  • The Kinky Shit
  • inanimate Objects/Backgrounds

A Strange Aside

Everyone’s a freak. You just gotta find the right weird you’re into. 

It’s my Website & I’ll Talk if I Want to

Another huge aspect of my personality and inspiration is roleplay, particularly erotic, written roleplay. Why do I mention this? Well, because it’s my website and I can do what I want, but also because if you’re here, maybe you like to write weird smut and would enjoy doing it with me. You might even get your character drawn–although let’s be honest here, 99% of the time I draw my character and your character is more or less a disembodied penis.

But, basically, if you happen to have an interest in the kind of porn I tend to draw, you might be compatible with me as a writer, and I don’t mind anyone asking me as long as they can take no for an answer. Sometimes I’m too busy; sometimes I’m not looking; sometimes our kinks and stuff don’t match up. But, if you do like that stuff, there’s a pretty easy way to get a hold of me.


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