Trash Day Tribute

Trash days origins belong to Megan, and she does much for the rest of us on this holiday; this page, though–this page is for her.


Trash Day Tribute

Megan Durham

Class: Ifrit Bard (Ringleader Archetype)
Alignment: True Neutral
Core Skills: Writing beautiful stories, inspiring others to their dreams, completing impossible tasks that 5 other people couldn’t do, adventure captain, self-analysis, breathtaking creativity, internet deity,
Special Lores: Demon slaying, socialite lores, introvert masks, internet

Megan burns with the light of the sun so hot that without her complete control, others would burn up from her brilliance. From beyond the farthest stars, she only answers to the whispers of dreams and desires of the most worthy. Many have seen Megan, but few have seen what she is beneath the mask, for there is the true beauty that etches the light of a star into one’s soul. Those who have looked upon the truth are two kinds: those who burn in her gaze, and those who absorb it and shine brighter for it.

Summoning a Megan is a task only for those of epic levels, as she cannot be chained down by the weak and her ire is dangerous. Even if Megan does not turn her blade on you, those who have seen her light follow closely and are exceptionally protective–a slighted Megan is a war of cosmic scale. Megan is a creature of opportunity–a blessing, if you will. Wait at the right time, befriend the right people, make the proper sacrifices and hope. If she notices your wish is worthy, she will make it come true–there is nothing that can stop her from this if she desires it.

She is a MACHINE. I’ve never someone be so productive or had someone inspire me to be so productive as her, especially when it came to Gothic staff. When I was having a hard time she gave me a shoulder to bitch at too, which was really nice… Man she’s just fuckin great, I dunno what else to say.



Megan obviously isn’t human. In only the best way.

Megan is a limitless and formless cloud of enthusiasm. There is nothing that will stop her from completing a task she sets her mind to. There is nobody like her.



So sweet and so personal! I wish I could spend more time with her


She’s got this light inside her. When she’s really happy or laughing you can see it. It fills whole rooms and just makes you feel warm.


I like the fact that she includes everyone. Geekdom sometimes gets cliquish, but she is warm, gracious and inclusive, making me feel welcome even when we were strangers.

Megan is an utterly amazing person, always there for those around her when needed, even if she has to invent a temporal compressor to add more hours to the day to manage it (though to be fair, I think she already did this for work).



Megan is a do-good go-getter who makes life better for everyone. She is a force for good in the world, and I’m happy for my brief interactions with her. 




There’s literally no other creature on earth that I have so easily fallen in love with.

The radiance that comes off of you is a blessing for all that behold it. Be my Lightling forever, because I shine brighter every time you are around.

she is a magnificent assemblage of Intelligence, Beauty and Kindness. The likes of which the world has never, nor will ever see again.

I have a lot of respect and time for Megan. She maintains understanding and empathy while still being able to impose leadership when needed.

She is so driven. Serious, it blows my mind how driven she is. If she decides to do something, she does it, with every ounce of effort she could possibly manage, and then some. I am also super intimidated by how smart and logical she is. She takes to something with such speed and expressed confidence, I can only assume that she’s a real life mage.

Seriously, I want to be Megan when I grow up.




The prettiest girl I’ve ever laid eyes on, and the smartest.



Megan constantly inspires me to be better than I was yesterday. Whether it be from learning some thing new or doing something I have always been to nervous to do. I am thankful everyday that I have someone as amazing as her in my life.

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